The statement for the consultation of CRPD committee We people with disability are killed by “the selection of lives”

The statement for the consultation of CRPD committee

We people with disability are killed by “the selection of lives”


Advocacy Centre of Persons with Psychosocial Disability (ACPPD)

4-32-8 Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0027, Japan

Contact person Mari Yamamoto  (Ms)


Japan has the No.1 beds in psychiatric hospitals in OECD countries. Some 200,000 persons are in hospitals.

Now the government takes the policy of institutionalization especially for older citizens labelled as dementia and also there are so poor budgets for deinstitutionalization and community-based services so it keeps many beds in psychiatric hospitals, though Japan ratified CRPD. Most older citizens are admitted involuntarily by guardians and family members.

Though there is the formal policy of deinstitutionalization, it does not become real because of shortage of budget and the community-based support has become weaken and weaken and the government provides only group homes, not sufficient personal assistants.

At best the deinstitutionalization means to move inpatients from psychiatric hospitals to group homes that are built in the neighbour of hospitals in many cases, and some inmates say when they can be discharged.

Many older citizens, in facilities, hospitals especially psychiatric hospitals, or even in the community, are dead by COVID -19 without adequate medical treatments.

On April 13 of this year, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the Japan Psychiatric Hospital Association found, 60% of COVID-19 inpatients could not be transferred to well-equipped hospitals for COVID-19 treatments.

In psychiatric hospitals the number of positive patients was 2842, the number of dead patients was 47 and the number of positive staff was 802. The infection rate and mortality rate by COVID-19 are four times that of the general population (16 Feb. 2021 According to a survey by Mr Joukei Ariga, NPO Osaka Center for Mental Health and Human Rights)

It is the information only from the media or others and there is no formal and complete statistic so we are afraid that the rate might be much higher than these numbers.

There is “the selection of lives” because of the shortage of beds and it is performed as if there were genocide for older citizens and people with disability.

There are some examples of the policy of “the selection of lives” by local governors.

The mayor of Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, sent a document to Tokyo local government demanding the triage guidelines to refuse older patients.

Hachioji City, Tokyo, has issued notifications to medical institutions and facilities for the older citizens, older COVID -19 patients with DNAR (Do Not Attempt Resuscitation) should be stayed in current institutions and do not sent them to the hospitals to treat COVID-19.”

Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has issued notifications to facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities, “If it is unclear whether patients in the facility declare DNAR or not, it will be difficult to be admitted to hospitals.”

We have been protesting these local governments with cross-disability organizations.

The shortage of beds is the results of the government continuous policy to cut whole social security budgets including medical cost except for psychiatric hospitals.

What was epoch-making in the pandemic was that in October 2020, we and our colleagues made the campaign for people with disabilities independent living in the community, this time we had the online meeting with venues and individuals nationwide.


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担当者 山本真理





多くの高齢者が、施設や病院、特に精神科病院、あるいは地域社会の中で、十分な治療を受けられずにCOVID -19によって亡くなっています。


精神科病院での陽性患者数は2842人、死亡患者数は47人、陽性職員数は802人で、COVID-19による感染率と死亡率は一般人の4倍に上るという。(2021年2月16日 NPO法人大阪精神医療人権センター 有我譲慶氏の調査による)





東京都八王子市は、高齢者向けの医療機関・施設に対して、DNAR(Do Not Attempt Resuscitation)の高齢者COVID -19患者は、現在の施設にとどまり、COVID -19を治療する病院には送らないようにとの通達を出しました。”

神奈川県川崎市では、高齢者や障害者の施設に対して、”施設内の患者がDNARを宣言しているかどうかが不明な場合は、病院への入院が困難になる “という通達を出しています。





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